Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Away From Home

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.
This may surprise you, but I don't care for turkey.
In fact, I don't care for much.
Mom even offered me duck for the first time,
but my reaction was the same as any other meat.
Except tuna...and ham.
Those are okay.

This Thanksgiving I found myself far from home.
We were visiting Daddy's family.
I admit, I was a bit unsettled when my "cousins" came
over.  Two small human girls.

At first I hid in a boxspring.
Mom wasn't happy and said it was too much trouble
to get me out of there.
Well, I say, 'that's the point.'

She eventually made me come out of my shell.
So I settled onto a chair in the dining room.
I had a good view of the backyard from there.

I even explored for a little while.

Ultimately I decided my favorite spot
was the bedroom window.

Mom was kind enough to open the window
after all.
So I sat there for hours.

At this point I have no idea what 
tomorrow will bring.