Monday, November 10, 2014


Saturday I did nothing until after dark.
Then Mom and Daddy took me for a car ride.

I got into my traveling bag and we went into a human store.

I really wanted to get out and wander around,
but Mom wouldn't let me.

So we got back into the car and drove across town.

I was happy when we ended up at the park.

I got in a good nighttime walk.

It was a beautiful night.

That is, until something big splashed in the water near me.
We could hear otters on the opposite bank of the river,
but weren't sure if it was an otter or that beaver that lives there
that made the big splash.

Either way, I was done.

So we went by Auntie's work to say 'hi' to her.
She was very happy to see me.

I give Saturday an A-.

Sunday I spent most of the day alone.
So I had to rely on Mimzy.

When Mom and Daddy finally came home,
Auntie and Uncle came to visit.
They haven't done that in a long time,
so it was really nice to have them around.

The only problem was that I still wasn't 
doing anything with my day.

After Auntie and Uncle left,
I tried to get Mom to understand.

She didn't.

By then it was quite late and I had
essentially lost hope of getting a nighttime recon.
Still, I had to try.

I find it difficult to believe that Mom can resist this cute face:

And yet, no nighttime recon.

I give Sunday a D-.