Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Little Nighttime Play

Yesterday I didn't want to go on the usual rounds.

So I climbed up into my Alternate Box of Rebellion
and gave Mom a look she couldn't mistake for anything else.

She went to get the mail and came right back.
I guess she didn't visit the Nice Ladies.

I came down from my box just in time for 
Tornado Girl to show up.

I tried my best to igore the situation.
I did get Mom to watch over me while I ate,
so at least that went my way.

Then Daddy came home for a break and Mom
and Tornado Girl left with Wednesday Guy shortly afterward.

When Mom finally returned home I was able to 
grab a decent nap on her lap.

When it comes to wintertime, I'm all snuggles.

Eventually I got up and gave Mom my
"I want to play" face:

She agreed to some playtime.

I had a great time!

I was really into my play.

So I will leave you with this GIF
of me being totally awesome: