Saturday, November 15, 2014

Seeking Warmth

Yesterday I climbed up into my 
Alternate Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

It failed to deter Mom from getting me out of the house.

She put me in my traveling bag and let me get
a good look at the outdoors.

Then off we went to get the mail.

Once we got into the Nice Ladies' office,
I got out of the bag.
It was warm in there.

Then, when it was time to go home,
Mom was NOT fast enough crossing the cold snow.
She said I didn't allow her to find her footing.

I say that's what she gets for only using 
her hind legs.

Once home, Mom let me stare at the outdoors
from the warmth of the indoors.

It may be pretty,

but it's terribly uninviting.

After that, Mom got busy ignoring me.
So I decided to put Mimzy in my food bowl.

What happened was what you might call a Mimzy fail.

So I curled up alone in the recliner.
Eventually I became discontented.
The recliner began to feel lonely.

Finally, Mom took pity on me.

She conveniently sat in the recliner for me to snuggle on.

I was content.
This was where I wanted to spend the rest of my evening.

Then Friday Aunt came over.
No Friday Uncle.
No Facetious Friday.
Just Friday Aunt.

She visited with Mom and Daddy for awhile.
Then she left.
Then, after a very short while, she came back.

Next thing I knew, Mom and Daddy were putting
on their boots, gloves, and jackets.
Then all the humans left the house.

I was alone...for a very short while.
I guess Mom and Daddy went to help 
Friday Aunt get her car out of the snow.

I was happy when Mom sat down again
and quickly settled back into my position on her lap.

Awww, yeah!
Nothing was going to dislodge me from this
spot for the rest of the night.

Even when Mom vigorously rocked the recliner,

I was determined to stay put.

Even when I was nudged over to half 
of Mom's lap...

I was NOT going to give up my warm spot.

Nope.  Not going to budge.