Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Getting Colder

Yesterday was sunny, but cold.
I wasn't sure I wanted to get out of bed.

Mom was pretty convincing, though.
So off we went to get the mail.
Then, as usual, it was off to the Nice Ladies' office.

We hung out in Nice Lady 2's office with the door
closed so I couldn't get to the forbidden plant.
So I got to wander around.

Eventually I remembered the window that 
opens into Nice Lady 1's office.

Since it was open, I jumped through it and
wandered around in that office as well.

After I thoroughly explored it, I realized 
the only way out was back through the window.

Once I had returned to Nice Lady 2's office,
I took up my post on a chair by the window
that looks out into the lobby.

Unfortunately, that window doesn't open.

Still, it held my interest.

At which point Mom couldn't resist
taking pictures of my cute feet.

Well, they ARE cute!

Then Mom gave me some much wanted attention.

Awwww, yeah!
I had to soak that up!

Still, when it became time to go home,
I was eager to do so.
As Mom stood there taking forever to say
goodbye to Nice Lady 2,
I was down the hall staring at my house across the way.

Once we were finally home, Mom let 
me sit outside on the patio for a bit.

I didn't stay long, because it was nearly 
freezing temperatures outside.
Mom was grateful because she didn't like
standing there with the door open.

So I came inside, sat in the dining room window,
and stared at Mom while she busied herself in the kitchen.

Eventually Daddy came home;
then Auntie and Uncle came to visit.
So I got to snuggle up on Mom's lap.

I was fairly well behaved until later.
Daddy tried to pick me up and I hissed at him.
Well, THAT didn't go over very well!

Mom said that 'there were better ways to
let Daddy know I didn't want to be held and 
that I should watch my language'.


How can I be in a good mood when all 
I want to do is go outside,

but it's 30°F/ -1°C out there?

I guess I'll just hiss internally.