Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nighttime Adventures

Sunday I did it again.
I was in bed when Mom and Daddy left the house.
I was "still" in bed when they came home.

The only clue that I had moved in their absence
was the repositioning of Mimzy.

This time, instead of dragging her all the way to
the living room, I had put her in the usual spot.

Evidence that I missed my humans.

I was lazy most of Sunday and began to get restless.
I told Mom that I wanted to get out of the house for a bit.

She took me further out of the house than I had anticipated.

I enjoyed a nighttime car ride, but had to
complain about the chill of the wind.
Although, I complained more if the window was closed.

We ended up at Nice Boy's house.
Where, instead of hiding on the dining chair the entire time,
I began to explore the living room where all the 
humans were hanging out.

I did find a chair I liked, but opted to
merely note it for future reference.

Monday was another story.
Well, more like the usual story.

Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady 1 in the office.
Once again I was kept on my leash.
After a long while, Mom did consent to letting me off of it.
I was good and didn't go to the forbidden plant.

Instead, I found my way down the hall where I 
looked longingly through the door at my house across the way.

It got dark sooner than expected.
It usually isn't that dark when we're done visiting the 
Nice Ladies.

Still, Mom put me on my tether an let me enjoy
the "yard".  If that's what you call that patch
of grass between my patio and the neighborhood sidewalk.

Before I knew it, Tornado Girl showed up.
She made some attempts to play with me.
She even offered me the condensation from the
side of her glass.

I wasn't quite ready to trust her.

So I patiently waited for her to leave before
asking Mom for a nighttime recon.

After much delay, I finally got it.

However, between the night wind, the
leaves blowing on the ground, and the
random noises from what I hope was human activity,
I became a bit unsettled.

So we went home.

After relaxing on Mom's lap for a time,
I became aware of a little bug buzzing around the
light in the living room.

I went to investigate and saw a ladybug up there.

Annoyingly, it was out of reach.
To add to the problem, the light was 
a bit bothersome to look at.

So I had to give up.

I pondered this decision for awhile,

before returning to Mom's lap.

Once again, I slowly began to ooze down 
towards the ground.

So I got up and tried to convince Mom to
do one of two things.

I would have accepted either some playtime,

or another recon.