Tuesday, November 25, 2014

They Didn't Leave Me!

I was so wrong!
Mom and Daddy got the car all loaded up.
Just as I suspected, they were indeed leaving on a 
long trip.
I had failed to notice that Mom had packed
my bag too!

At first, I complained.

We did stop at a rest area briefly.
Mom walked me about and tried to help me relax.
I even purred when I got back in the car.
My purring, however, quickly gave way to meowing
as the car began to move again.

Eventually, however, the sun began to rise.

So I began to relax.

There were still times when curiosity
got the best of me and I began to look around.

This was usually in those rare moments
when we passed through some small town.

Then the curiosity would leave me
and I would settle back into my box.

After many hours of being on the road,
we actually went through a large city.

It was here that we stopped and got 
out at another rest area.

After a brief amount of investigation,
I decided I didn't much care for it.

After a ridiculous amount of hours passed,
we finally stopped somewhere that
didn't look like a rest area.

Now, when I say 'hours', I mean it was 
dark when we left home and dark again when we
arrived at our destination.

Much to my suprise, Computer Aunt was there...

...in 3D!
I could see her, I could hear her, AND I could
smell her!

I was actually at her house!
I gave it a thorough investigation.

Mom and Daddy had not only brought
my bed in from the car, but food, water, litter,
and Mimzy!

As I continued to investigate,

I decided I could settle in here for the night.

I even found that she too had a place
on the cabinets above the refrigerator.

A place where I could feel content,

perhaps even 'ultimately rebellious'.

Yes, this would do nicely.
I just hope we don't have to get in the 
car again any time soon!