Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Arrival of Winter

Tuesday winter arrived.
When we went to visit the Nice Ladies it was
26°F/ -3°C.

Maintenance Guy 2 gave me a harness someone
had left behind when they moved out.
It looked unused, but it smelled strange.

Fortunately, Mom washed it.
She says it can be my red Christmas harness.
I'm dubious.

After we went home, the temperature
outside had only gotten worse.

I wanted to go out and enjoy the patio,
but Mom wouldn't allow it.

So I became restless.

I became bored.

I became moody.

The good news is,
Mom put the curtain up between the hallway
and the living room.
She does this when it gets cold.

I just like to play with the curtain.

I also had fun with my box hotel.

Mom played with me, 
so I had fun lurking and pouncing.

Every now and again I would restlessly
 think about the outdoors,

but it had gotten down to 12°F/ -11°C.

Ultimately I gave into the warmth of a blanket.

Even though the outdoors was still on my mind.

Then, when Mom went to type my blog for me,
down went the internet!

Apparently a car hit it.

Borrowed photo

Who knew a car could crash into the internet?
(Or is it, 'who knew a car could crash the internet'?)

So Wednesday came around.
While Mom and I were visiting with Nice Lady,
Tornado Girl showed up.
I guess that's a new regular thing for Wednesdays.

I was already very moody because it was 
still quite cold outside.
So I wasn't very friendly towards Tornado Girl.

Then, Wednesday Guy came and took
her and Mom away.

I regretted my mood.
I got lonely.
When Daddy came home, I curled up on his lap
for a good long time.
I don't often choose Daddy's lap.

Then he left and brought Mom home.
I was so happy to see her!
I meowed with excitement.

I asked her if I could go outside.
She let me...

...knowing full well I would discover on my own
that it was 20°F/ -7°C out there.
She was right.
I didn't stay long.

So I got restless again.

I found myself playing with the recliner;

until I finally gave in to the snuggle.

I curled up with Mom and Daddy on the couch.

When I started to clean myself,
Mom messed with my foot.

So I had to give extra attention to that
foot when I went to clean it.

"No offense, Mom."

Then I got another look at the great outdoors;
only to learn that it had finally happened.

Winter was officially here.

Next thing I know, the dreaded Snow Monster will return.