Friday, December 27, 2013

A Bit of Boredom

Today I spent some time with 
Nice Lady 1.

I wandered all over the office.
(Look closely)

I was a little nervous today,
so Mom put me back on the leash and 
kept me close to her.

After awhile she let me wander some more.

As soon as she moved towards the exit door
I got excited.
She just stood there, however,
holding the door handle...
mocking me.

Finally she let me outside!
I got to roll on the sidewalk!

I made sure my fur had a nice layer of dirt!

When we got home,
it was nap time.

Mom & Daddy hung out with Computer Aunt.
(I should say, Computer Aunts and Cousin(?) because they
deserve some acknowledgement)


Before long I became bored with napping and wanted to play.

Unfortunately, Mom wasn't feeling up to playing
with me today.

I restlessly wandered all over the living room...
until I accidentally slid off my perch,
taking the Christmas stuff with me to the floor.

I decided the dining room was a better place to play.

Now I'm ready to nap!

(Back of the couch, right behind Mom!)