Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Day

Today I woke up to this:

That's right.

I stared outside with my feet on the 
mat that was pushed against the door.
Today was cold!

Still, Mom took me with her to get the mail.

"Um...can we talk about this, Mom?"

I felt like she was taking longer than usual at the mailbox.

I didn't much care for the walk from the mailbox
to the office.

"Cold! Cold, cold, cold cold, cold!"

When we finally got inside,
we sat and visited with both Nice Ladies.

Then Nice Lady 2 did something weird.
She put this...this...THING on the floor near me.

I mean, WHAT IS THAT?!

It creeped me right the heck out!

"It's coming AT me now?! WHAT IS IT?!"

I regained my cool afterwards,
but that was just weird.

When it was time to go home,
I couldn't get past the snow fast enough.

Mom didn't stay home long, however.
Nice Boy's Mom came over and they both
went to Poodle Lady's house.

Daddy came home after awhile
so at least I wasn't alone.
But, as usual, I missed Mom.

Finally she came home and settled down!
So I settled right into her lap.

She wasn't sitting in the best, most comfortable position for me,
but I didn't care.

She's home.