Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good Day For a Nap

Today I began by putting Mimzy
in my food bowl.

Mom and I took our usual walk to the mail box.

Then we visited Nice Lady 2 in the office.

I smelled those things on the hearth again.

I went into the hallway and rolled around.

Then something new happened!
Loud Boy's Sister showed up!
She's nice.

Then we went home...
well, after I had a roll on the sidewalk, that is.

I didn't mind the wet spots.

I asked Mom, politely, if she would put the blanket
in the armchair for me.

She understood!

For the rest of the day I napped there.

Once it was nighttime,
Mom trimmed my claws.

I didn't complain at all until she got to
my last paw.
Then I started quietly growling.

I couldn't let her think I would tolerate
having my claws trimmed whenever she wanted!

Now I'm ready for playtime!
Come on, Mom!