Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Left Alone

Today Sarcastic Monday came over
and visited with Mom while
I tried desperately to steal the attention.

Most of which Mom failed to get on camera.
She claimed I was avoiding the camera...

or just too fast for her.

I think she wasn't paying close enough attention.

I even heard that sound again!
That mysterious mouse sound.
And Mom was acting suspicious again.

When it began to look as if they were
going to leave me, I tried the 
"I'm too cute to leave" tactic.

They still left me.

Then Mom and Daddy both came home
...for a bit.
Then left me.

I'm pretty sure I've been alone all day!

When they finally came home to stay,
Mom gave me some overdue attention.

Then Mom started acting like she was
in a really good mood.
Now, I ask you, how can she be in 
a good mood if she's been away from me all day?

My face: when things have not gone my way.