Sunday, December 8, 2013

Too Cold to Care

Today was really cold!

Despite my desire to play and 
be generally rambunctious,
I just curled up and did nothing.

Eventually Auntie and Uncle came over
and we all went to hang out in the clubhouse.

I didn't want to be in the clubhouse,
so I meowed at the door.

So Mom picked me up and made me sit
in her lap while they played games.

Human games are boring.

I wasn't really happy to be in Mom's lap,
but I put up with it for awhile.

Finally she let me get down,
so I sat under the table near the door.

At long last she let me go home!
But I had to cross the freezing ground first.
Then I was alone in the house for a bit.

When the humans decided to come home,
I sat on the back of the armchair...

...hoping Mom would get up so I could have it!