Monday, December 23, 2013

Playful Day

Today was good.

It was fairly warm, so I enjoyed my walk.

However, when we visited the Nice Ladies in the office,
something new happened.

Nice Lady 2's daughter and granddaughter were there.
The little human made me nervous.

Granted, if they're crying, I can't help but to try to
help little humans.
This one was not crying.  
She was giggling and running  toward me!

I wanted out!

Mom wasn't going for it.

Eventually I began to calm down.

And, of course, eventually the little human left.

Finally Mom let me out!

No, Mom!  I can't wait for you to close the door behind us!

Once I got outside I was cool as a cucumber.

After Mom relieved me of my harness, she left the door open.
I was good and stayed on the patio.

She made me come inside after a short while.

As it turns out, she was leaving me.
She was gone for a couple of hours.

When she returned she started
 eating something out of a small bowl.

I know small bowls are for me!
What gives?

Really?  Are you sure that's not my food?

Then she discovered I have a strange affinity for the duster.

I followed it all around the house.

I don't know what it is, 
but I just can't ignore the duster!

Then, while Mom was doing something it
the kitchen, I thought I heard a mouse.

Mom was acting suspicious.
I really want to know where that noise was coming from!

I also heard tissue paper.
She admitted to having that and let me play with it.

She even gave me Mimzy to add to it!

OK, this is FUN!

Mimzy underneath!

One last pounce!

After I played with Mimzy and the paper
I climbed onto the dining chair...

but down below...


So Mom handed her to me!

Aww yeah!  Good stuff!

The Monday people didn't come over tonight.

So I eventually settled down on the couch
next to Mom and napped until Daddy came home.

But there's no way I'm done playing for the night!