Monday, December 30, 2013


Today Mom was too busy doing other stuff 
to take me to get the mail at the usual time.

So I sat by the door and waited for a long time.

Which means she was too busy to watch me eat.

So I put the Falcon in my food bowl.

(Thought I'd switch things up a bit and give Mimzy a break)

Finally she got around to getting the mail.
Then she let me stay outside on the tether!

Eventually the Monday People came over!
I've missed them.
Then Auntie and Uncle showed up too!

I wanted to stay close to the people, 
but they took the good chair in the living room.

So I stayed in the dining room.

All by myself.

After Monday Aunt and Uncle left,
Mom took me for a short nighttime walk.

Then  she let me stay out on the tether again.

Now that I'm back inside, all the 
people are leaving.

Maybe Mom will devote her attention to me.