Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bad Start

Today got off to a bad start.

First of all,
Mom didn't sleep well last night.
She tossed and turned.
Which made it extremely difficult
for me to sleep on her legs.
So I didn't sleep well either!

Then, the Snow Monster came back.
As if that wasn't enough,
Maintenance Guy 1 came into my house!

I ran to the my room and listened.

That was followed by hiding under the bed.

After he left I had to stare out the window
from the safety of the dining chair
for awhile to make sure he wasn't coming back.

Mom played with me for a bit.
At least she didn't make me go get the mail today.

Later she and Daddy hung out with Computer Aunt.

I couldn't let her have all the attention,
so I sat on the computer.

She had gone off screen, so I settled down
and waited for her to come back.

The humans didn't like me being on the computer,
so Mom made me get off.

First I'm denied sleeping on her warm legs, now I'm denied
sleeping on the warm computer?
How is this fair?

I guess I take the armchair from Mom.