Saturday, December 21, 2013

Teenagers' Christmas Party

Today Mom went and got the mail without me,
but she still took me to visit Nice Lady 1.

I enjoyed a little time with the
Christmas tree.

I found a little place I hadn't really sat in before.

Mom let me sit outside on the tether for a bit.

I hadn't done that in a while!
It was nice.

Eventually, however, the Teenagers came over...
to have their Christmas party.

This is my face when I realize how my night is going to be:

I let Loud Boy sit with me.

He wasn't the loudest one.
Loud Girl and Louder Girl won that medal.
So the disturbed look on my face isn't because I'm
sitting with Loud Boy.

It's because of the loud laughter and constant chatter.

I tried going into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion,

But that lasted all of  3 seconds.
I eventually joined Daddy in my room.
I shall now call it... The Room of Ultimate Escape.

After they all left I surveyed the damage...


How could you let this happen?

I mean... look at it!

Thankfully, Mom fixed it.

I think I've had enough stress to
last me a month!

Mom?  Can we please go on a nighttime walk?