Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Slightly Warmer

Today Mom got up earlier than usual and left me.

When she came back we went to get the mail.
The snow had begun to melt.

After visiting the Nice Ladies in the office,
I found that the snow hadn't melted enough
to make me happy.

I still had to make the mad dash to my door.

I'm just glad that Mom lets me off the leash so I don't 
have to wait for her.
No rolling on the sidewalk these days!

Once we were in the house I got Mom to play tag with me.

I was too fast for her to film until I got in window.

This is how every game of tag should end:

With a good back scratch.

After awhile I realized it was Wednesday.
Which means that Mom left me again!
Twice in one day, Mom?  Really?

Fortunately Daddy was home.
He played tag with me too.

Then I looked cute for him on the dining room chair.

He couldn't resist taking photos.

When Mom got home she had trouble finding me.
She walked by me several times.

I was with the laundry in the dark.

Turning on the light is cheating, human.

As soon as Mom sat down I jumped onto her lap.

This seems to keep her from leaving me,

but it doesn't keep her from picking up the camera.

It's hard to sleep when you can't shake the feeling 
you're being watched.