Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter of Discontent

Today it was cold.
No snow had fallen.
The clouds had cleared, and with them
any hope of keeping warm air in.

By 1:00 in the afternoon it was a brisk 17°F.

Our usual outing was brief.
I didn't even want to stay in the office
even though it was warm there.

"New rug? That's nice. Not even going to smell it!"

I wanted to get all my outdoor time done with!

As usual on Wednesdays, that guy came and took Mom away.

I sat at home with Daddy, curled in my blanket.
I wasn't about to move!

When she got back I was restless.
She started talking on the phone,
so I wandered all around her, getting into
everything I could find.

When she finally got off the phone she tried to play with me.

This is all the effort I put into it:

So Mom gave up.
Then I sat in defiance.

So she picked up the toy again.

I did this:

And this:

Then I became more interested in the
smell of this plastic bag:

So Mom gave up again.

Now I'm sitting on the back of the recliner
waiting for Mom to sit down so I can have her lap.

Did I mention it's cold?
3°F now!
I don't care if that's outside and I'm inside!

I'm still going to complain!