Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Monster

Today the Snow Monster came
out of hibernation.

Mom insists that it's not going to come
into my house and devour me,
but when I hear that noise I have trouble
believing her.

And she wonders why I don't trust the Maintenance Guys.

After the Snow Monster went back into its cave,
I came out to see if it was all clear.

It was.
All I had to worry about now was the snow
and the bitter cold.

Mom got me ready to go get the mail.

"Uh, I don't think so, Mom!"

I wasn't about to go out there unprotected.
So Mom put me into my Traveling Bag!

Now I was ready!

On the way to the mailbox I kept my head tucked in
away from the snow.

On the way back, however, I was more curious.
I wanted to see everything!

We stopped off to visit with the Nice Ladies.

It was nice and warm in the office.

 Then it was time to go home,
but I was out of my bag now and
had to face the elements.

So cold! Run run run run run!

 Once home, I had to check the bedroom window
again for signs of the Snow Monster.

Still safe.

After awhile the Teenagers came over.

They took all the good seating,
so I took their jackets.

Of course, once they all left I took the good chair again.

Now maybe I can get a decent nap in!