Sunday, December 22, 2013

Play on My Terms

Today I enjoyed some sunlight.

I also enjoyed the fact that Mom put the nice green
blanket on my favorite spot by the window.

I was in a playful mood.
I'm not playing rough, it just looks that way.

"What?  Your hand is tasty, Mom."

I went back into the window for a bit,
and then back on the blanket.

There was a light on the wall map.

I had to catch it!

Upon realization that I couldn't catch it,
(but more because Mom quit playing),
I took a nap.

After a nice long nap,
I wandered into the living room and...
took a nap.

Then I played in the bathroom.

 Mom tried to get me to play in the living room.
I put in about this much effort in:

Later I stole the armchair from Daddy.

I want to keep it for the rest of the night.

At least, that's what I thought...

Until Auntie and Uncle came over.
Auntie took the chair, but invited me back to share it.

This is acceptable.