Friday, December 20, 2013

Visit with Nice Lady 2

Today Nice Lady 2 came into my house.

I was so excited to see her there!
She didn't stay long,
but Mom and I went to visit her in the office.

I explored and played everywhere...

This is my spot on the couch:

Now let's see what's in Nice Lady's office...

Hmm, Nice Lady 1 isn't here today.

Oh, look, Mom's on the other side of the window!
And there's a box to smell here.

I like the Christmas tree!

Nice Lady 2 was wandering around too.
If you look closely you can see me watching her go by.

I went back to the tree and claimed a spot underneath.

I think I'll make this my Christmas card.

Then I claimed my spot on the couch.

Mom recognized the look on my face...
I wanted to play!dfc

(Winchester's personal typing above, he walked across the keyboard)

So Mom used my leash for a game on the couch.

Then it was time to go home.
I, of course, wanted to go for a walk.
So I lingered until Mom tugged on my leash.

It gets dark so early these days!

The rest of my day was lazy.

Too lazy!

I want to go on a nighttime walk!
And I don't want to hear about how cold it is outside!