Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caturday Outing...Not For Me

Today Sarcastic Monday came over.
I haven't seen much of her lately.

I thought maybe Mom was going to
have a bunch of humans over again,
so I went up to my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

But I stepped in something that made my
feet feel weird,
(I have very sensitive paws),

so I got down.

I was wrong, however.
Mom wasn't having humans over,
she was leaving me.
After hanging out for a bit,
she and Sarcastic Monday left the house.

Mom returned promptly with a box.
Clearly she had gone to the mailbox without me.
While she came into the house to set the box down,
I ran outside to get a glimpse of freedom
and watch the sunset.

She quickly ushered me back inside.

I was left alone in a rapidly darkening house.

When Mom came home she smelled like she got to go on a walk.

 I let her know I had missed her
by sleeping on her lap for quite awhile.

Of course,
I also had to let her know that I didn't 
appreciate her leaving me.
So I left her sitting alone and sulked in the dining room.

Then I sat on the back of the couch...

And stared at the door hoping she'd get the hint.

She failed.

Then I realized that she had opened the box
she brought in earlier.

Daddy walked into the kitchen and saw this:

I know I'm not allowed on the table...

but technically I'm not on the table.

I'm in the box.

I must remember to thank Computer Aunt for
my early Christmas present!

Well, this is nice,
but I think I'll return to my post on the back of the couch.