Saturday, December 14, 2013


Today I was hyperactive.

Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady 2 in the office.

I wanted to roam free!

I waited for Mom to let me off the leash.

She finally did,
so I wandered around and investigated everything.

This is a pretty tree.

This stuff under the desk smells weird.

When Mom and I went home,
I wasn't ready to go in.

I wanted to go back to the office.
Daddy was still busy, so we did!

Mom even took off my harness and carried me back.

I had fun!
I played around the Christmas tree...

I smelled everything...

I played on the sofas....

I smelled the hearth...

Nice Lady 2 let me play with a ball.

She thought I wasn't interested...

But I was just prepping for a sneak attack!

I wanted to stay in there all day!

Mom decided it was time to go again.

I stopped to roll in the hallway.

I wanted to wander down the sidewalk,
but Mom made me go home instead.

Mom and Daddy left for a couple of hours.

When they came home I begged for a nighttime walk.

Mom didn't let me,
so I got belligerent.


And downright mean.

Mom didn't let me win.

I was just too high strung for my own good.

Mom was gentle despite my misbehavior.

So I went back to asking for a walk.

Still no luck.
So I played with Mimzy and the curtain.

I guess it's finally time to settle down.

If I must.