Monday, December 16, 2013

Pleasant Day

Today Daddy got the mail.
So Mom and I just went to go visit Nice Lady in the office.

I explored everywhere.

Any for me?

Only one Nice Lady working today.

I could smell her kitties on her clothes.

I was exploring more when...

a boy came into the office.

I watched him from a safe distance... strategically near the exit.

Then it was time to go home.
Finally warm enough to roll on the sidewalk!

But the grass still had some unpleasantries...

When we got home Mom made me a new toy.

Then Mom went to visit that Poodle Lady.
She wasn't gone too long,
and Daddy was home with me.

After a while Sweet Monday came over,
but none of the other Monday People.

So I snoozed on Mom's lap.

After Sweet Monday left I began to beg
Mom to take me on a nighttime walk.

Well, what do you expect?
It's a warm 36°F outside!
Nothing like those negative degrees we had before!

Good enough for me!