Friday, October 31, 2014

Lovely Autumn Weather

Yesterday was pretty warm for an autumn day.
Just because it was nice outside, however,
didn't mean it was nice inside.

When we went to visit the Nice Ladies in the office,
Mom still didn't let me off the leash.

I heard the Nice Ladies talking about putting the forbidden
plant up on a table.  That way I might be free to roam again.

Since it was such a nice day, Mom actually spent
some good patio time with me.

I got a good chomp on the tasty plant.

I sat and just took in the day.

Then I chased a bug onto the neighbors' rocks
and got in trouble.

After that, Mom brought out my new hideaway.

Eventually, however, we had to go inside.

Unlike Wednesday, however, I didn't follow Mom around.
I hung out in the living room while she was in the dining room.

I think she missed me, because she tried to get me to join her.

I compromised by sitting on the opposite side of the table.

I could at least see the outdoors from there.

Eventually I got bored and began playing with 
the toy that Tornado Girl had given me
for my birthday.

I had a lot of fun with it.
I even carried it down the hallway.

After that I was bored again.
Mom seemed pleased that I had chosen
my new hideaway to sleep on.

Not that I really slept.
I was just to bored to do anything but lie there.

After awhile I joined Mom and Daddy in the living room.

I thought I would die of boredom.

Then Mom did the unthinkable.
She agreed to take me on a nighttime recon!

It was a fairly decent one.

All day I had heard a new upstairs neighbor moving in.
While I was out on my recon,
I finally got to smell the new car bumper.
Unfortunately, Mom wouldn't let me smell it 
for more than 5 minutes.
Not nearly enough time to gather all the scent information.

After all, this person has replaced my Upstairs Angel.
I must know more!

Mom didn't see it my way.

When we were done, I quickly asked for more.

At first I was a bit peeved that Mom wouldn't
take me for a second recon.

Then I had to give in.
It started raining.

What a stupid end to such a nice day!