Monday, February 3, 2014

Eventful Monday

Today the Snow Monster came out.
So I took to my usual hiding spot.

Once it left, Mom comforted me.

Then I spent hours in bed.

Later in the day, Maintenance Guy 1 came to the house
and did something outside on the patio.

When he left, I checked to make sure the coast was clear,

but I didn't go outside.
Too cold.

The vacuum came out today as well.
I guess Mom and Daddy thought the 
Snow Monster wasn't enough torment for one day.

When that was done, I tried to be cute to
get Mom's attention.

Finally things became normal and the Monday People
came over.

I took my spot on a dining chair.

After they moved from the dining room to the living room,
I tried to become the center of attention by playing
with a bouncy ball.

For some reason, the humans found the TV
more interesting than me.

What does a cat have to do?