Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nearly Content

Today I tried not to wake up.

Eventually, however, I succumbed.

Once again, Mom took me into the office to 
visit the Nice Ladies.
I would still rather be home, so Mom tethered me close to her
to keep me from constantly complaining.

We left the office...
but I didn't want to go home, exactly.

Well, maybe I'll head towards home...

You thought I was going to cross the grass, didn't you?

I'm going to stall a little longer.

It was just as well I put off going home,
because Mom brought out the Vacuum Monster!
(Thanks a lot, Mom.)

Later she hung out with Computer Aunt,
so I snuggled up on her lap.

I didn't care that there wasn't much room
between Mom and the table.

I was content!

Well, as content as a discontented cat like myself ever gets.
I was purring, sure enough, but my tail was thrashing out a different story.

Still, I like this:

Oooh! And I really like having my ear rubbed!

But only one at a time...
NEVER both at the same time!
I'll attack you if you do that.

Mom was hanging out with Computer Aunt for a long time.
So I moved to the back of the couch.

Once Computer Aunt went away,
Mom came over and handed me Squeaky Mouse.

I grabbed it as I stretched.

Now I'm ready to play!

Time to get revenge on my leash for keeping
me tethered earlier today!