Friday, February 14, 2014

Deviation From MY Norm.

Today Mom got up earlier than usual.

I was a bit annoyed to find that it was raining again.

Then a new person came to the house!
I was really curious about her as well as very hyper.
So I ran around the house a lot and tried to show off
how amazing I was.

I made her giggle.

After she left I jumped up on top of the fridge.
Mom was cooking something on the stove.
I'd never seen it from this angle!

That's a strange thing!

But then she suddenly stopped cooking and we
went straight to the office.
We didn't even get the mail first.
Mom said it was because she didn't think
I wanted to get wet in the rain.
She was right.

Everyone was in the office!
Both Nice Ladies and both Maintenance Guys!

We know how I feel about those Maintenance guys.
I began meowing at the door towards home again.

Then the unthinkable happened!
Mom left me in there!
She went out in the rain to get the mail without me.

Did I mention that she left me in the office?

Nice Lady 1 was trying to comfort me the whole
2 minutes Mom was gone.

When she got back,
the Office People were wandering all over the place,
so I crouched between the couches.

I then resumed my meowing,
so Mom tethered me close to her again.

Then something else new happened!
Uncle came into the office.

He and Mom finally let me go home.

(Fortunately most of the snow has melted)

Then they left.

Alone again.

When they came home, Uncle didn't stay long.

Then I realized the horrible truth.
I was Friday...that meant Teenagers.
They haven't been here in a month.
And this time there were more than usual!

Mostly I just avoided them.

Sometimes curiosity, (and the desire to claim my territory),
got the best of me and I took up residence under the table.

Eventually I went into the forbidden room in the house.
Mom and Daddy didn't seem too mad when they found me in there.
I guess they can be pretty understanding.

When all the Teenagers finally left,
I investigated my territory.

So now I'm wondering...

"You're not going to change anything else, are you Mom?"