Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm So Not Happy

Today was day 3 of the Snow Monster.

I'm getting really upset about it.
It's disrupting my sleep patterns and
putting me in a weird mood.

To make matters worse,
it was Wednesday, so Mom left.

In her absence, I put my string toy in my food bowl.

I was feeling so moody.

When Mom and Daddy came home,
I begged to go outside.

Mom insisted it was too cold.

I was not convinced, and continued to beg.

However, Mom was adamant that we 
were not going outside!

I don't really understand what the numbers
on that thing by the door mean,
but Mom seems to think they have something to do
with whether or not we go outside.

Mom and Daddy got dinner ready and sat down
in the living room.
So I sat on Mom's lap.

This is as content as I was going to be all day.

But eventually Mom decide to get up.

I was thoroughly displeased with her.
So I grabbed her hand with both paws, bit her and
used my hind paws to rabbit-kick her.

Boy was I in trouble!

I had to apologize.

Now, as she types my blog for me,
I'm back in her lap...

but I refuse to be content!