Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm in a Great Mood!

Today I woke up feeling great!

I climbed onto the window sill to enjoy the sunlight.

Mom and Daddy were leaving.

Yeah, OK.  Bye, Mom!

They were gone for so long that the sun went away
and it began to rain.

That didn't stop it from being a beautiful day.

When they came home we all went into the office.
Even Daddy!

I was well adjusted.

That is, until I tried to leave.
When I realized it was Daddy that came to retrieve me,
I played my "woe is me" act perfectly.

I balled up and acted very sad.
Daddy put me in Mom's arms...

I buried my face.

She wasn't buying it, and handed me to Daddy.

He comforted me.

He held me in his arms...

...so I buried my face for him too.

Mom was still suspicious that I only acted
like that when Daddy was there.

Finally, Daddy took me home.
It was still raining, so I went quickly!

He went to work while Mom stayed in the office.

When she finally came home,
she started getting rid of all my boxes!

I didn't really mind.
I was done playing with most of them.

The one I'm going to miss is my first box.
The tunnel with my name on it.

Farewell, beloved tunnel!

Fortunately, Mom moved my name to the new box
and made extra doors in it!

I tested it out.

Yep, this will do.

Despite my acting in the office,
and the fact that Mom got rid of so many
of my boxes, 
I was still in a great mood!

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt,
then Daddy came home.

I took a seat in the dining room...

...and acted cute for Mom's attention.

She sat down in the chair in front of me
to work on my blog.

I usually sit next to her, or on her lap.
Since I was behind her this time, I discovered something new!

Mom's long hair makes a great toy!

I made her giggle.
I guess she's in a great mood too.