Monday, February 24, 2014

Weird Day


Yesterday I was in a strange mood.

You can tell by my face.

At one point, Mom was on the phone for too long.

I sat on my bag on one side of the room 
and stared at my empty food bowl on the
other side of the room until Mom filled it.

Then I sat next to my litter box and stared at it.

Then I went all the way back into the dark closet
and stared out at Mom until she got off the phone.

When she went into the living room,
I sat in the dark hallway and stared at her.

She turned on the light,
so I pretended to be interested in something on the ground.

I refused to eat unless she watched me.
I'm a very picky eater and
I will only eat a little at a time.

Then I sat in the dark under the desk and stared at her again.

Later she gave me some of that wet food 
that came into the house yesterday!

It was just a snack sized portion,
but it sure was tasty!

I saved some for later.

Finally she sat down in the armchair,
so I climbed onto her lap.

I was content.

When she got up,
I took the whole chair for myself.

When I was done with the chair,
I meowed at Mom until she came to watch me eat again.

Still, a little at a time.
I used to eat a lot at once, but I've learned that
I can rely on Mom for food.
Not like my days as a stray.

After my dinner it was time to play in my tunnel. 

Mom played with me.
I like it when she does that.
I was a bit distracted by the camera,

but ultimately it didn't stop me from playing.

Auntie came over and took Mom and Daddy away
for a couple of hours.

I wasn't very happy about that.

When they came home, I told Mom that I wanted
to go on a nighttime walk.

I got excited when she reached for my harness.
Then I realized which harness she was getting!

That's right, it was my car harness.

Auntie and Mom took me for a night ride instead.

We did, however, stop at a park.

There were big geese there.

I had a pretty good time.
Uncle even showed up in his own car right
when we were about to leave the park.

Then we all went home!

I decided that with all the excitement I hadn't 
seen enough of Daddy.

So I chose him to snuggle with.

I suppose it turned out to be a pretty good day.

Although, it gave me some weird dreams!