Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Deserted. Again and Again.


Yesterday Mom left the house.
Every once in awhile she would come back in,
but then she would go right back out again!

Then Loud Boy's sister, (I'll call her Nice Girl), came over while Mom
was gone...but then Mom showed up as if she knew!
(I suspect humans have secret telepathy)

I had been on the dining room chair all day, but when
Mom came in and talked to Nice Girl I moved to the
back of the couch.

I thought they would stay put now.
I was wrong.
They both left!

Mom made another brief appearance when two
more of the teenagers showed up.

Hours passed and Daddy came home for a bit. 
Then FINALLY Mom and the Teenagers
came home.

After the Teenagers left and Daddy came back home,
Mom actually SAT DOWN!

I couldn't wait to curl up on her lap.

I felt uneasy still; sure she would leave again.

She seemed to be staying, though.

After I was convinced she was staying home,
I got my pent up wiggles out!
I ran all over the house at top speed!

I was way too fast for Mom to catch me on camera!

When I was done, I wanted to settle back down
on Mom's lap.

She, however, was not sitting properly to 
accommodate me.
So I sat on the arm of the chair for awhile.

Then I gave up on Mom and went over to Daddy.
At least he exhibited normal behavior today.

Somehow I was still less than satisfied with my day.