Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Good Day to Nap

Today was a good day for a nap.

Yeah... no plans to get up today.

Eventually I did get up.

Then I climbed onto Mom's lap and took a nap.

no plans to get up.

I reluctantly got up again when Uncle and Auntie came over.

However, it wasn't long before
I tried to climb back onto Mom's lap.
She was non-compliant, so I sat on her knee.

That wasn't comfortable for long.
So I went into the dining room and dragged
Auntie's jacket onto the floor.

I got up when Mom discovered me.

I asked to go outside...

...I don't think I really want to go out there.

Maybe I'll take another nap,
but I'm starting to feel a tad restless... that it's 11:00pm.