Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blog Changes!


What?  Changes to my blog?

That's right, but don't panic.

For those who will be finding the TARDIS in my blog,
the number in parenthesis at the top of the page will reflect the
number of photos or animated GIFs in which some form of TARDIS 
can be seen.

And this is important for everyone!

Mom's always tried to get the blog posted by midnight Pacific Time  (UTC-8) of 
the day the blog is about.

From now on, she will be waiting until the next afternoon or evening (UTC-8).
This is so she can capture more of my day, (cats are more active later after all),
and to fit into her schedule better.
(Like I care about HER schedule, but, whatever!)

She'll set a deadline time when she gets used to the new schedule.

So from now on, my blogs will begin with the word "Yesterday" instead of "Today".

Thank you for your readership and sorry for the change.
My blog for today will be posted tomorrow... my time.