Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow

Day four.

The Snow Monster continues to plague my mornings.

Will this horror never cease?

This is no way to start a day.

It left its tracks on the sidewalk.

Now I ask you,
what was the point?

We actually went to get the mail today.

Yep, that's me in the bag.

Once we got to the office to visit the Nice Ladies,
I took up my usual post by the door.

When Mom finally opened the door to go home,
I had to make a dash for it.

From that point on,
I was in a state of discontent.

I spent a good while staring out
the window being miffed.

(Yes, that GIF was animated)

Eventually Mom put a box on my chair.

I can do this...

Told you.

Mom hung out with Computer Aunt for awhile.
Then Auntie and Uncle came over!

I took up residence behind the curtain in the hallway
and hoped for someone to play with me.

Mom and Auntie both took the bait.

Then Auntie introduced me to a new game.

Attack the the Falcon in the box!

Jump out of the box!

Jump attack back into the box!

Then Mom put my blanket on the dining chair,
but it was not folded correctly.

So I'll just sit here, half on half off,
 and wait for her to fix it.