Friday, February 21, 2014

Dogs and Monsters


Yesterday I didn't want to get up.

I just knew that monster was still in the living room.

Of course, I was right.

I could see its tracks, but where was the beast itself?

I didn't trust anything!

Aha! There it is!

I attacked!

That ought to show it who's boss!

When Mom and I went to get the mail,
I tried to convince her to head right back
into the house.

She didn't give in,
and we ended up in the office visiting 
with the Nice Ladies.

Then that big dog came in!
The one that Mom says wouldn't hurt me.
We were nose to nose!
Then I growled at him and jumped up onto
the chair under the table.

Mom was pleased that I didn't swat the dog's nose.
I say I'm just getting warmed up!

After the dog left, Mom opened a window for me.

It really wasn't a bad day outside.

When I was finished hanging out in the office,
I meowed and meowed...gradually getting louder
until Mom was also finished hanging out in the office.

Although, I didn't feel the need for a mad dash
toward home.

A quick, yet casual pace will do.

The rest of the day I spent napping.

Mostly in Mom's lap.
She was having a somewhat lazy day too.

I held Mom's hand...

...and dreamt of slaying monsters.

When her legs weren't there for me to nap on,
I waited  on the foot rest until they appeared.

All the while keeping an eye on the monster in the living room.