Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Was That a Monday?


Yesterday started off nice.
Although, I was reluctant to go get the mail.

When Mom and I got to the mailbox, that dog was there.
You know, the one Mom insists won't hurt me.

As it turned out, the dog was in the office too.
Everyone calls the dog July.
I like this picture because it makes me look
way bigger than the dog.

(The truth is, July's head is bigger than me!)

Later we went nose to nose.
Sure enough, the dog behaved.
I still don't trust it, though.

When we got home, I took a moment to relax...

...then I went back out to enjoy the nice day.
I thought I saw something moving!

It turned out to be nothing.

So I just sat and enjoyed the warm weather.

It's a good thing I did, too!
Because while Mom and Daddy were out of the house
for a couple of hours, the weather went all bad and foggy!

I rebelled against the new weather,
but it did no good.

So I went to my new box instead.
I caught Mom trying to photograph me,
so I moved.

I started to wonder if the Monday People were going 
to come visit.  After all, they had all come on Saturday.

Sure enough, things were weird.
Monday Aunt showed up without Monday Uncle.
And Favorite Uncle showed up without Favorite Auntie.

I figured if the humans were going to behave strangely,
so would I.

So I graced Monday Aunt with my presence and 
snuggled up on her lap.

Eventually all the humans made their laps unavailable.
So I reluctantly moved to the box of blankets.

I stayed there long after Favorite Auntie decided to show up.

When all the visiting humans left,
I got up and prepared myself for some playtime.

I prefer to play in the darkest room of 
the house so Mom and Daddy can't get
good camera footage.


I guess I got a little too excited.

After a good play,
I had worked up an appetite.

Then I went back to check on the weather.

It seemed fine to me,
but Mom said it was too cold.

Also, she kept trying to take nice pictures
of me while I was in the window.

So I kept moving.

This window was more comfortable anyway.

I was sure it couldn't be too cold for a nighttime walk!
Mom felt otherwise.