Sunday, February 9, 2014

Seeking Contentment

Today I began by rebelling against everything.
The snow, the Snow Monster, the cold...

I think I should have done this a long time ago.
Because the Snow Monster stayed away.
Its big brother came out...

...but I didn't mind that as much.

I considered actually going outside today,
but do you see that mound of freezing cold wet snow?

Instead I reverted back to curling up on Mom's lap.

Now I'll give you a moment to admire my cuteness.

I look so content.

Mom, of course got up eventually and left me
 to wander aimlessly on the floor.
I waited and waited until she sat down again.

Then, the second she sat down and put her legs up,
I jumped on her lap and curled up again.

I tried to stay here as long as possible.

I was determined not to move again.

I was completely content...

Well, actually, I don't really know what it
means to be completely content.

Mom, however, moved again.
When she did sit down, she leaned forward.
I think she was deliberately keeping her lap from me.

So I waited...

Then I moved in closer.
And waited...

Then I finally gave up and curled up next to Daddy.

You didn't expect me to be content, did you?