Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monster Free Day

Today there were no monsters!

I was so happy!

I let Mom know how happy I was that there
weren't any monsters outside by pacing in the window.

Mom and I even went back to our normal
'getting the mail' routine.

Everyone was in the office!
Even Poodle Lady came in,
and that one dog with his humans too.
He still seems to think I want to be friends.

I tried to ignore Maintenance Guy 1.

Mom let me go home ahead of her.
Then Daddy came home for lunch and
Nice Boy's Mom came over to visit.

She and Mom talked for-e-ver.
I was so upset that she wasn't paying attention to me,
that I went up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.
She didn't even take my picture while I was there!
I'm so ignored!

Then Nice Boy showed up.
I hadn't seen him in awhile,
so that was nice.

He was showing off his dinosaur socks.

When they left it was raining.

After that, I just wanted Mom to give me attention.

All the attention.

She carried me around for a bit.
Then she played with me!

I tried different angles of attack.

Then I realized how much I wanted to go outside.

So Mom opened the door for me,
as though she was sure I wouldn't go out.

I was willing to brave the loud neighbors...
I was even willing to walk out onto the patio,
despite the rain right on the edge of it...

But ultimately that giant dog was out there.
So I viewed the outdoors from the safety of the window.

Then I went back to playing again.

That is, until I saw Mom was filming me.

It was good to have a monster-free day...
unless you count the dogs.