Sunday, February 23, 2014

Wrong Day, Humans!


Yesterday Mom enticed me out of bed
by opening the door to outside.

It was a fairly nice day out.

She let me stay out on the patio for a bit,
but it wasn't long before I came inside.

I was a good boy and jumped onto the chair which
 Mom has designated as the "harness removing chair".

However, I wasn't about to be patient.

Much to my surprise, the Monday People came over...

That's weird, but I'm not going to complain.
After all, Monday Aunt and Uncle brought me wet food!

Can't say I mind them coming over on the wrong day
if they're going to bring me presents!

So, when do I get some, Mom?

Mom and Monday Uncle started playing video games.
I wanted to be near Mom as usual, so I sat behind her on the couch.

Notice how careful I was to lay on Monday Uncle's jacket
and NOT on my blanket:

After a while, the humans started wandering around 
talking in various rooms.
So I wandered too.

One specific point of curiosity was
Sarcastic Monday's computer.

Hmmm...wondering if I could learn to type
my own blog.

Too much work.
Why do something Mom's capable of anyway?

At one point in the evening, after Daddy finally came home,
the humans inexplicably opened the door.

So obviously I had to take advantage of it.
I was going to try to bolt across the grass,
but Mom stopped me and put the harness and tether on me.


Eventually I got tired of the lack of attention
I was getting from these humans and tried to
entertain myself with a bit of play on the couch.

But play isn't as much fun when you have 
no one to play with.

So I stopped for a good paw cleaning.

It seemed like forever, but Mom, Daddy and I
were finally alone in the house!

I tried to relax on the couch,
but Daddy picked me up, put me on Mom's lap,
and stole my seat!

I thought about accepting my new spot,
but Mom had something tasty in her cup.
So I got up and took some for myself.

I don't usually steal human food.
I find most of it quite disgusting.
But I was thirsty.

Now I can relax on Mom's lap...

...and call it a day.