Friday, February 28, 2014

My Relationship With the Camera


Yesterday I wanted to stay in bed.

Mom tried to get me to get up.

I considered it, 

then curled back into bed.
Mom pleaded with me to get up.

This was my response:

(HISSSS! Stop with the camera, Mom!)

So she went to get the mail without me.

She was gone for awhile.
Eventually, when she came back into the house,
I was ready to go visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

I was fairly well behaved.

I started whining at the door at one point,
so Mom put the leash back on for a bit.

But I was pretty good, so she let me off leash again.

I wasn't very eager to go home,
so I let Mom go into the house first.

I was afraid she would leave me again,
so I requested her presence while I dined.

Then I followed her everywhere...
even into the bathroom.

She hung out with Computer Aunt while she did
her housework.

I, of course, found that boring,
so I started galloping around the house.

"Wait, I saw the camera...slow down!"

When she finally sat down,
I curled up on the chair next to her.

I was becoming more and more aware
of the ever watchful eye of the camera.

"It's looking at me even when I try to sleep!"

After Daddy came home we all settled in 
the living room for awhile.

This is where my blog might normally end for the day.

But not this day!

I came down with the raging energies!

I started galloping all over the house!

Not necessarily at top speed.

I was a bit distracted by that darn camera!

I tried to avoid it.

(Yes, I meowed before I jumped)

Then I tried running some more.

Even when Mom started uploading my pictures
for the day, I just couldn't stop my wiggles!

And then there's that camera again anyway!

I guess the camera is the burden I must bear
for being THIS cute!