Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Just Knew She Would Leave!


Yesterday I felt as though Mom would leave me again.

Things, however, seemed normal enough.
We went to get the mail.

Then we visited Nice Lady in the office.
I couldn't decide between wanting to go home
and staying near Mom.

She opened the window to entice me to stay.

I was too restless and kept wandering.

I began whining at the door a lot,
so Mom put me back on the leash for a bit.

As soon as she let me off leash, I would
begin meowing at the door again.

She started calling me "Whine-chester"... rude!

FINALLY we headed home.

I was reluctant to go straight home,
until I realized that the grass was covered
in frost!  Brrrr!

Mom started doing laundry, so I thought I was safe.
I was wrong.

She did leave me!


I guess it was Wednesday after all.
But she left earlier than usual!

While she was gone I dealt with my angst
the best way I knew how:

That's right, I put
Mimzy in the food bowl!

When Mom and Daddy came home I was so happy.

I couldn't wait for Mom to settle down 
and make a lap for me to nap on.

Mom didn't stay seated as long as I would have liked,
so I moved to Daddy's lap.

All I can say is...
She'd better stay home today!