Saturday, February 22, 2014

Monster or Toy?


Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty good.

I got up and sat in the window for a bit.

Then Mom and I went on our usual outing.

I was such a good boy!
I enjoyed the window and didn't complain.

OK, that's not true.
I looked out the window for a little bit,
then I meowed and meowed non-stop until we went home.

The new monster came to life again,
but I was brave.

I began to think that maybe Mom is right.

Maybe it is a toy and not a monster.

Mom had put Yoda-Mouse on it.
I just had to investigate.

Then it started going really fast!
It was exciting!
I wasn't afraid like before.

I thought a lot about pouncing on it.

Of course, I never actually did.

We had all kinds of visitors last night.
First, Sarcastic Monday came by.

Then the Teenagers.

I was wary.

Then Auntie and Uncle came for a visit!

I spent most of the time on the chair under
the dining table.

When most of the extra humans left,
I kept vigil for any more arrivals.

I waited patiently, 

but no more humans came to visit.

So I decided it was playtime...

...but Mom wasn't complying.