Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today began with another visit from the Snow Monster.

After it left, I slept through as much of the day as I could.

Mom spent a lot of time ignoring me.
She talked on the phone for-e-ver.

I was bored.
Also, I soon came to realize that she was 
making preparations to leave the house.

I watched from the chair under the table as she left me.

When she finally came home,
she continued to ignore me.
I ran around the house as fast as I could,
trying desperately to get her attention.

She continued to be preoccupied with
things I don't care about.

When Daddy came home, they talked about how
cold it was outside.

This just confirmed for me that I was never
going to get outside today.

Mom didn't really take any pictures of me 
until nighttime!

After she looked at the thermometer,
 she took this photo of me:

I mean, how many things are going to get her
attention that AREN'T me?

I moved to the dining room and tried again
to get attention from her.

She gave me a tiny bit.

Then I displayed my
feelings with my tail:

See the force in which I whack my tail
against the back of the chair?

She held me!

Now I can turn the tables and ignore her!

This is more like it!