Wednesday, October 29, 2014

4th Birthday

Yesterday was my 4th birthday!
I thought I might stay in bed all day.

Mom, however, had different plans.
She got me ready to go visit the Nice Ladies in the office.
I hissed.  Then I growled.  Then I hissed some more.
I was still mad from Monday.

Still, we went.
On the way to get the mail, we saw Nice Lady 3.
She wished me a happy birthday.

When we got into the office, Mom wouldn't let me 
off the leash.
She said it was because I had tried to eat the 
forbidden plant twice.

So I stayed in her lap while we visited with 
Nice Ladies 1 and 2.

When we went home,
Mom let me chomp on the tasty plant.

Then I enjoyed some good patio time.

It was turning out to be a pretty good day.

Then it started to rain.

RAIN.  On MY birthday!
Well, at least it wasn't snow.
Last year on my birthday there were bits of snow.

You can read about last year's birthday here:

So Mom and I went inside.
Before I knew it, Daddy came home for a break.
That's when Mom and Daddy brought out my present!

At first I was like,
"What the heck is this, Mom?"

Then she put it all together and I began to understand.

I investigated the new thing.

I checked it inside and out.

Then I decided I liked my birthday present.

Mom even let me sit out on the patio with it.

That kept my butt off the cold ground!

When she brought it back inside,
I discovered a design flaw.
When I went to use the scratching post,
the whole thing tipped over!

So Mom took that part off and let me play with 
it separately.  That worked.

She also gave me wet food.
Which I ignored until it had sat out long enough.

Then Mom put my new thing in the dining room.

She thought I wouldn't really care for
the toys dangling from the sides of it,
but I found them amusing.

After awhile I settled down onto Mom's lap.

Daddy was home, Computer Aunt was hanging out,
things were nice and normal.

There was just one thing missing from my birthday.

Fortunately Mom knew what it was.

You guessed it!
Nighttime recon!

It was the quickest recon ever.
The ground was wet, so I hurried from one
side of the house to the other.

I thought the weather had ruined all my hope
of enjoying the night.

Then Mom and Daddy surprised me with a nighttime
car ride!

Mom even sat in the backseat with me.

I loved it!

All in all,

this birthday turned out pretty darn good!