Friday, October 10, 2014


Yesterday I woke up feeling...well, 'blah'.
'Blah'; with a bit of 'meh' mixed in.

I think Mom was feeling the same way,
because we didn't even go get the mail until after dark.

I thought perhaps a good nighttime recon would help,
but all I got was some time outside on the tether.

I looked for Angel, but she wasn't there.

I waited patiently.

Finally, my patience paid off.
Angel appeared in the window.
Oh, and so did that tabby that lives there too.

I was happy to see Angel,
but I was still feeling a bit lackadaisical.

I think she was too.
Maybe it's spreading.

Later in the evening, when the whole family was
relaxing in the living room,
I my mood was positively dreary.

I tried to make the best of it by stealing the 
good chair when Daddy got up for a second.

Even though he let me keep it for awhile,
it didn't improve my malaise.

I moved to the box.

At some point Mom began to feel sorry for me.
She attempted to play with me.

I attempted to play,

but I just couldn't get into it.

So Mom tried opening a window for me.

I enjoyed that for about 20 seconds.

Then Mom put my carpet piece in front of the
door so I could sit on it and look outside at the same time.

While this was a welcome change,
it still did little to improve my mood.

Then Mom became really desperate.
Mind you, not desperate enough to take
me for a nice long nighttime recon.

Still, I wasn't going to complain about
her latest attempt to cheer me up.

She brought out...

(Dun dun DUN!)

The NIP.

This I enjoyed for about 30 seconds.

Then I sat and stared out the window.

Of course, the nip was slowly making 
its way into my system.

So, with little warning,
I got hit with a burst of energy!

I ran amok for about...

...55 seconds.

Then the melancholy swept over me once again.

I'm beginning to think I'm missing something.
Something about this week has been different,
but I just can't put my paw on it.