Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Car Rides and Boredom

Sunday I spent much of the day sleeping.
Eventually I went outside on the patio for a bit.

By then it was nearly evening.
I hadn't been outside for very long before Mom 
brought me back inside and put my car harness on me.

I was thinking, "Didn't we go for a car ride yesterday?"

Well, we certainly weren't going to the stores I'm used to.

I felt like I had been this way before, but not in a long time!

We ended up at Nice Boy's house.

After wandering around meowing for awhile,
I settled onto a dining chair for the rest of my visit.

When Mom got me ready to leave again,
I took a moment to look up skeptically at Nice Boy's Dad.
I don't think he can be trusted.

It was dark by the time we headed home.

I do love a nighttime car ride!
Still, I was happy when I saw home.

After getting out of the car, I stopped to smell
a bush before finally agreeing to go inside.

The next day was less eventful.
Granted, it WAS Monday.

When Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady in
the office, I went to chew on a plant.
NOT the bad plant this time,
but Mom still didn't allow it.
So I expressed my dissatisfaction by going 
under my favorite chair.

I think I need a Box of Rebellion under here.

Eventually I came out and jumped up on the 
chair next to Mom.

After playing cute, I indicated to Mom
that I wanted her to take off my harness.

This is what it looks like:

After our visit I got to spend a little time out
on the patio.

Unfortunately, it's pretty chilly once the sun starts
to set, so Mom made me go inside.

If only she had fur, then she wouldn't give up so easily.
I think she should just put on a jacket and let me stay out longer.

After that it was naps...

...and boredom.

I got up once in a while to run around the house.

This was a failed attempt to alleviate my boredom.

So I had to settle onto the couch again and 
give Mom the "I'm really bored" look.

I hope Tuesday is more entertaining.