Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Human

Yesterday began quite normally.
I was hanging out in the office as usual while
Mom visited with Nice Lady 2.

I went under my chair.

Remember my chair?
This is actually an older picture of me under my chair:

Well, while I was under there, something different happened.
One of the Teenagers showed up.
Well, not THE Teenagers I'm familiar with.
This one was new to me.
Mom seemed to be well acquainted with her.

I heard Mom call to me and say it was time to go home.
She lifted the flap on the chair.
It was then that I saw the teenager.
It was also then that the teenager saw me.

She was very happy to see me.
She called to me too.
Then she reached for me.

Now, when I say 'reached for me' I mean this:

I ended up backing out from under the chair.
I was out and she was under.
I didn't know WHAT to think!

She followed Mom and I home.
As it turned out, she stayed and hung out with Mom for 
quite some time.

I think Mom called her tornado or something,
so I'm going to call her the Tornado Girl.

Even though she was talkative and energetic,
I didn't really feel threatened.
I DID go into my Box of Rebellion for a bit,
but I was curious about this new human.

Her movements were clearly playful,
so I let her use my fish toy to play with me.

Mom brought out Mimzy to entertain me while 
she and Tornado Girl sat in the living room and talked.

When I was done playing with Mimzy, I used her for comfort.
Clearly Mom wasn't going to watch over me while I ate.

Then I went back into the living room and watched 
them from the back of the couch like this:

Right when her dad came to get her at one door,
Daddy came in through the other.

So things were back to normal.

After awhile Mom decided I could use some attention.
So she took me for a nighttime recon.

Which, of course, was awesome!

It was quite chilly outside, so Mom wasn't 
willing to stay out for too long.

As soon as we got back inside and Mom took
off my harness, I begged to go back out.

I accepted Mom's answer of "nope, I'm done" 
and stayed close to her for the rest of the night.

I have to admit, it was a pretty interesting day.