Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Least I had a Nighttime Recon

Yesterday Mom and I went on our usual rounds.
While we were in the office visiting the Nice Ladies,
Auntie and Uncle came in.

Auntie curled up on the couch while Uncle and Mom
went swimming.
I guess it was the last day they could use the
pool before it closed for the season.

I thought about snuggling with Auntie, but I got 
spooked by her stuffed animal.

So I spent much of my time curled up in the 
blanket box in the living room.

I have to admit, lately I've been feeling a bit ignored.
So I was surprised when Mom let me out on the tether for a bit.

I was even more surprised when she exchanged the
tether for my leash and took me on a nighttime recon.

It sure was great to get out and take in the scents
around the neighborhood!

When we got back into the house,
Mom actually played 'string-and-feathers' with me.

After that, however, Mom, Daddy, Auntie and Uncle went back
to doing human things and I returned to the blanket box.

It wasn't until Auntie and Uncle left that
I finally curled up next to Mom on the couch.

 I hope Mom will stay indoors to play and snuggle more
now that the weather's changing.